Tech Summit on AI, Machine Learning, Neural Networks & Cognitive Computing for Highly Autonomous Vehicles


Auto.AI USA – America’s No. 1 Event on Deep Driving for Level 3+ Automated Driving.
Auto.AI USA is the leading conference on artificial intelligence for SAE Level 3 to 5 autonomous vehicles. It brings together more than 250 top automotive industry experts and decision-makers in machine learning, AI, perception, computer vision, and data processing. Join now and discuss self-supervised and behavioral learning concepts, scalable machine and reinforcement learning approaches, benchmarking perception, and computer vision systems for autonomous driving with your peers from the automotive AI community.
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“Humans are unbelievably data efficient. You don't have to drive 1 million miles to drive a car, but the way we teach a self-driving car is have it drive a million miles.”

Jeff Bezos, Founder, Amazon



Perception-Driven ML: How to develop benchmarks for camera- and LIDAR-related perception?

Next-Generation Radar: How to include intelligent radars into AV sensor suits?

Camera Technology & Computer Vision Algorithms: How to turn cameras into primary sensors for object recognition and classification, localization, decision-making, trajectory planning, and vehicle control?

Open/Modular Verification & Validation: How to manage rapidly changing test requirements?

Sensor Fusion: How to properly weigh sensors at run-time?

Perception Stress Testing: How to automatically identify where perception is brittle using unlabelled data?

Vision Geometry & Deep Neural Networks: How to verify deep learning detection with vision geometric principles?

Reinforcement Learning for Vehicular Path Planning: How to make use of deep learning for AVs?

Full Stack Software Suites for AI: How to develop hardware-agnostic and scalable solutions?

Self-Supervised Learning for AVs: How to collect and label data at scale?

Data Processing & AI: How to develop software architectures and overcome hardware challenges?

Interpretable Learning for AVs: How to use visual explanations that causally influence CNN output?

Sensor Selection, Design & Innovation: Which are the latest technologies?

Weather & Vision Environments: How to ensure safety in unfamiliar and challenging weather environments?

The Software-Defined Car: What is the role of SDV in ADAS?


Auto.AI USA is a unique summit in the mobility world because of our relationship with our partners. Our aim is to support our partners to reach their targets and inspire innovation. This vision is shared by a select group of partners at our highest quality events with the most elite audience.
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Zoox 2023 Director of Perception Ruijie (RJ) He I had a great time sharing how we at Zoox are reinventing the future for riders at Auto.AI USA conference.
Lots of good technical questions from a very engaged audience.
Mitsubishi Electric 2023 Perception Engineer Ahmad Chalhoub Thanks for the opportunity! I had a great time meeting everyone and having very interesting discussions Continental 2023 Product Manager Robotaxi Christopher Pinke I appreciate the format as well, with this good mixture of talks and interactive sessions one can nicely connect with the other attendees. Good job we.CONECT CEVT 2023 Team Lead ADAS/Senior Function Owner/System Engineer Mian Zain Zubair The event was flawlessly executed, providing a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration. The attention to detail and care taken to ensure our comfort and enjoyment throughout the event was commendable. Thank you for looking after us so well! Hyundai Mobis Senior Manager – Advanced Technologies Camera Systems Thusitha Parakrama Gives very practical set of problems in focus and contributed by participants for the possible solutions. Honda RI 2019 Jiawei Huang
Thank you again for inviting me to the conference. I think it is very well organized and I met many resourceful people on the event. Honda-Research-Institute-EU_2x Senior Scientist
Zenuity 2019 Sebastian Ramos I found Auto AI a very interesting conference and it was a great pleasure to share our work at Zenuity with the amazing group of attendees. I’d be very happy to join you again in future versions of the conference in Berlin or San Francisco. Technical Expert - Deep Learning dRisk 2019 Chess Stetson Great job with Auto.AI - really enjoyed it. Not surprising, since it was very much in my wheelhouse. But even so I thought it was particularly well run. Good balance between direct talks and direct interaction between participants. Co-founder SRI 2019 Douglas Brooks Exceeded all of my expectations and objectives. Assistant Director - R&D Artificial Intelligence Valeo Ahmed Yousif
Huge information input! The event was very informative and interactive.
System Simulation Expert
Changan Technical Fellow Radovan Miucic
Auto.AI USA was a great success for me and Changan because it contained a lot of interactive sessions which kept my full attention throughout and allowed me to contribute and gain a lot of knowledge.



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