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Keynote I Building the World's Most Experienced Driver

The field of autonomous driving behavior poses a major challenge in the development of AVs. Waymo has been a forerunner in delivering safe and reliable autonomous driving experiences through its products. I this session we will take a closer look on how Waymo’s vehicles developed its driving behavior patterns on the example of pedestrians and cyclists.

• Waymo’s mission to make it safe and easy for people and things to get where they’re going

• Benefits of focusing on fully automated driving

• Keys to successful product management

• How Waymo is learning from real-world applications, including their fleet in Phoenix

Shweta Shrivastava

Senior Product Leader Autonomous Driving Capabilities, Waymo

Keynote I May Mobility | A Different Approach to Commercializing Autonomous Vehicles

With more than 315,000 AV passengers rides to date across 9 deployments in the US and Japan, May Mobility is leading the AV industry with its patented Multi-Policy Decision-Making (MPDM) approach to autonomous driving technology. Rather than requiring a playbook for every possible roadway scenario, MPDM uses its “imagination” to navigate real-life situations it has never encountered before safely. Rather than compete with public transport, our AV services are designed to complement existing transit networks and increase access to mobility. In this session, we will dive into the technology that makes this possible, our approach to security, and how cities and municipalities can be partners in mobility transformation.

Kamil Litman

Vice President of Software, May Mobility

May Mobility Logo

Case Study I Lessons Learned from the Mass Deployment of Machine Learning Models for AV Perception

The PlusDrive system is a highly automated driver-in product for heavy-duty trucks that is currently being used across the United States. PlusDrive includes one of the most, if not the most, complex perception system deployed in a product for heavy-duty trucks consisting of multiple cameras, radars and lidars. In this talk, we will discuss some of the lessons learned from the mass deployment of machine learning models for AV perception touching upon runtime optimization and online learning from data at scale.

Dr. Anurag Ganguli

Vice President, Research & Development, Plus