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Over 150 senior industry executives from the ADAS & automation community will gather to discuss their key challenges, industry topics and tasks, while exchanging knowledge and creating new partnerships. Do you have a solution or product and would like to present, exhibit or meet active buyers?

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Do you have a solution or product and want to present, exhibit or meet active buyers?

Business Partner 2018

Green Hills Software is the world’s largest independent supplier of safety and security certified software products and services for the embedded and IoT marketplace. For over 30 years Green Hills has helped clients solve the most difficult design challenges by delivering unmatched knowledge, cross industry expertise, a proven portfolio of  ISO 26262 ASIL qualified products and unequaled cyber security products and expertise to the automotive market.
Next generation ADAS designs will fuse data from multiple sensors to feed critical decision engines that execute a wide range of ADAS applications like lane departure, traffic sign recognition and pedestrian detection. This sensor fusion is ripe for consolidation on powerful multicore SoC’s in single ECU’s that may also incorporate adaptive driver HMI functionality like cluster, HUD, center console and extend to connected car V2x/C2C services. In addition to being designed for safety/freedom from interference, these complex platforms must also be designed with the utmost of security to thwart the growing number of vehicle cyber-attacks.
Leveraging Green Hills expertise in the design of highly available, highly secure, reliable and certifiable “mixed criticality”, products, ADAS architects can develop and deploy next generation ADAS systems with confidence while reducing cost and complexity. 


As an innovation driver for virtual test driving, the company is a leading global provider of software and hardware products for the automotive and supplier industry. With the areas Simulation Software, Real-time Hardware, Test Systems and Engineering Services, IPG Automotive supports its customers in creating innovations and shaping their development process efficiently.
The innovative solutions CarMaker, TruckMaker, and MotorcycleMaker, as open integration and test platforms, facilitate great savings in time and cost for customers, in a continuous development process of Model-, Software- and Hardware-in-the-Loop, all the way to the Vehicle-in-the-Loop method. The application ranges from the vehicle dynamics simulation, developing and testing of chassis control systems, to interconnected systems such as chassis, powertrain and steering. One of the biggest strengths of IPG Automotive is the integration and testing of all kinds of advanced driver assistance systems within IPG’s future-oriented solutions. 


Samasource is your trusted partner for the creation and annotation of high quality training data for AI machine learning algorithms. With their experienced workforce, consultative project management, and innovative technology they support R&D departments and Data Scientist teams with structured data for their deep learning algorithms. Samasource works on computer vision and natural language processing for applications such as self driving cars, facial recognition, satellite image analysis, chatbots, and everything in between.


understand.ai provides the high-quality training and validation data to enable mobility companies to develop with confidence computer vision and machine learning models that reliably and safely power autonomous vehicles. Our advanced capabilities include segmentation and bounding box annotations for LiDAR and video, with specific meta-attributes and instance IDs for object tracking. By applying specialized AI technology and continuous quality improvement to accurately and quickly annotate millions of images, we accelerate production of the ground-truth required to make autonomous driving a reality. understand.ai is headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany and has offices in Berlin and San Francisco. Our engineers have relevant experience gained at innovative companies such as BMW, Google, Mercedes-Benz.


Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) is seen as the leading provider of voice and language solutions for businesses and consumers around the world. Its technologies, applications and services make the user experience more compelling by transforming the way people interact with information. Nuance is reinventing the relationship between people and technology through speech and language solutions driven by advances in Artificial Intelligence and cognitive computing. It has pioneered the evolution of speech recognition technology that today integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform the way people interact with the devices, systems, apps, and services that surround them.
The Nuance Automotive business delivers automotive-grade solutions enabling drivers all over the world access to information and services and providing the safest, smartest and most natural user experience. Nuance’s voice technology has been shipped in more than 160 million cars from Ford, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Fiat and other major automakers and is at the heart of over 14 million connected car experiences on the market today. Nuance’s Dragon Drive provides the industry’s most comprehensive suite of solutions for the connected car, giving automakers and suppliers the ability to deliver a natural language-based automotive assistant that is customized for their individual brand.


rFpro focuses on driving simulation for engineering development of vehicle dynamics and the control systems that affect vehicle dynamics, ADAS and Autonomous Driving. rFpro allows the training and testing of the entire ADAS / Autonomous toolchain. From deep learning, training AI, to testing detection algorithms, validation against ground truth and validation with or without a human driver. rFpro’s high quality 3D digital models of public roads enable an accelerated offline development and testing process. Driving simulation for vehicle dynamics is all about closing the loop through the driver and the vehicle model as quickly as possible while delivering a high quality and immersive environment. rFpro is proven in the demanding motorsport categories of F1, NASCAR, WEC, Indy, Super GT, IMSA and Formula E as well as being used by most of the top 10 road car OEMs and Tier-1s for chassis, powertrain and control system engineering.


Ready to move beyond pilot tests to mass deployment of your autonomous vehicles? Seeking reduced time to market and increased ROI? Better safety guarantees? Optimization and future-proofing for compute-hardware on-vehicle? Tensyr Inc. amps up your ML/AI R&D while delivering tightly orchestrated and optimized on-vehicle deployment in the field.

Utilizing a dataflow-graph framework, Tensyr’s EDGE™ production software platform allows developers to explicitly map their whole software stack and easily manipulate it via scripting/GUI.  The framework can interconnect real-world or synthetic data along with existing ML/AI models, code and sensor inputs as nodes within the graph; optimize for accelerators on-server/in-cloud during R&D; then optimize and orchestrate for on-vehicle hardware via Tensyr’s HALO™ runtime. Exactly the same graph is carried across from data-scientist to cloud developers to vehicle, assuring functional equivalence and safety at all times.


Renesas Electronics, headquartered in Japan, is one of the leading supplier for the global automotive industry and number one supplier of automotive microcontrollers (MCUs) worldwide with advanced semiconductor solutions, including system-on-chip (SoC). With Renesas autonomyTM, an open, innovative, and trusted platform for assisted and automated driving, Renesas Electronics gives customers the choice to decide the future of driving will look like.
Renesas Electronics is dedicated to support big ideas both locally and globally with its subsidiaries in 20 countries worldwide. More information is available at www.renesas.com.


iMerit is a technology services company, delivering data and digital services for some of the most innovative companies in machine learning, eCommerce and computer vision. iMerit’s ‘ humans in the loop’ AI services are recognized globally to enable advanced computing capabilities. It does so while effecting positive social and economic change by empowering marginalized youth and young women. Our work powers transformative technologies such as helping driverless cars understand their environment, advancing cancer cell research,  improving crop-yield through the analysis of geo-spatial data and delivery of on demand financial information. 


Hamamatsu Photonics is a leading manufacturer of devices for the generation and measurement of visible, infrared, and ultraviolet light. These devices include photomultipliers, photodiodes, infrared detectors, image sensors, scientific cameras, and light sources. We also offer x-ray detectors and sources, as well as specialized photometric systems for semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical development, nondestructive inspection, and academic research. Hamamatsu is dedicated to the betterment of life through light-based technologies. Based on this corporate philosophy, we conduct basic research on the fundamental properties of light, while also making extensive R&D efforts in the development of new products. Our devices are used in scientific, industrial, and commercial applications around the world. We have a global network of operations. In Japan: Global headquarters, manufacturing, and research facilities are located in Hamamatsu, Japan. Here we have four primary manufacturing divisions: Electron Tube Division (for products such as photomultiplier tubes, scintillators, light sources, and x-ray sources); Solid State Division (photodiodes, silicon photomultipliers, image sensors, infrared detectors, x-ray detectors, MEMS devices); Systems Division (scientific cameras, photometric systems); and Laser Group (laser diodes, quantum cascade lasers). Tokyo Stock Exchange, TYO: 6965. In the Americas: Hamamatsu Corporation is the North American subsidiary of Hamamatsu Photonics. We have technical experts in our New Jersey headquarters ready to help with customer projects. Sales offices in Boston, Chicago, San Diego, and San Jose. In Europe: Hamamatsu Photonics Europe GmbH is the regional headquarters. Primary sales offices are located in Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Satellite sales offices in several other countries. In Asia: Hamamatsu Photonics (China) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai provides primary sales support in China.

Telemotive AG is a well-known automotive supplier for engineering services as well as data loggers, laboratory electronics and test tools. Core competencies include connectivity, driver assistance and electromobility. The range of services extends from system integration and technology consulting to hardware and software development. The company is represented at several German locations. The customer portfolio includes national and international automotive groups and suppliers. Since 2016, the company has been part of the global automotive supplier Magna International and belongs to the Magna Steyr Group.

As a trusted partner, MSC Software helps companies improve quality, save time and reduce costs associated with design and test of manufactured products. Our products accurately and reliably predict how products will behave in the real world to help engineers design more innovative products – quickly and cost effectively.
MSC Software’s technology is used by leading manufacturers for linear and nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA), acoustics, fluid-structure interaction (FSI), multi-physics, optimization, fatigue and durability, multi-body dynamics, and control systems simulation.
MSC pioneered many of the technologies that are now relied upon by industry to analyze and predict stress and strain, vibration & dynamics, acoustics, and thermal analysis in our flagship product, MSC Nastran.

dSPACE develops and distributes tools for the development of electronic control units (ECUs) and mechatronic systems worldwide. dSPACE was one of the companies that created this market segment over 25 years ago, and continues to shape it to this day. Our systems enable you to reduce development times and costs dramatically when you design ECUs and controllers, which systematically increases your productivity. The reason is our optimal mix of standard solutions for rapid-control-prototyping, automatic production code generation and hardware-in-the-loop simulation. Moreover, we offer comprehensive services from on-site user training to customer-specific system engineering such as turn-key HIL test systems. Whether they’re working on electronically controlled diesel injection, fuel cell vehicles or hybrid electrical car – virtually all international car makers and many of their suppliers rely on dSPACE hardware and software in their current development projects. And our products are used not only in the automotive industry, but also in aerospace, drives technology, medical technology, industrial automation, and other fields. Dedicated employees are the basis of our success. There are now more than 1,200 dSPACE employees worldwide. dSPACE systems are distributed by the headquarters in Paderborn, subsidiaries in the USA, France, the UK, Japan, and in China.



Mighty AI delivers training data to companies that build computer vision models for autonomous vehicles. Our platform combines quality with scale and expertise, thanks to our full stack of annotation software, consulting services, proprietary machine learning, and global community of pre-qualified annotators.
Visit www.mty.ai to learn more, and follow us at @mighty_ai.

We provide a suite of Intellectual Property, Algorithms and Engineering services to achieve mobile autonomy, advanced 3D perception and situation awareness. Based in Paris, the company was created in 2015 by Raul Bravo and Olivier Garcia in order to extend to new application fields the result of 15 years of world-class know-how and field experience working on GPS-denied and infrastructure-less navigation. The Dibotics’ technology is used as a core component of some of the most advanced products and companies in mobile robotics, operating in both indoor and outdoor environments.



Start Ups 2018

**Perception for autonomous vehicles.** DeepScale develops perceptual systems for semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles.


“Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination.”​ Playment is a fully managed data labeling platform generating training data for computer vision models at scale. We empower companies in the Autonomous Vehicle, Drones, Mapping, and similar spaces with high precision annotation services – No matter how complex. We’re helping companies and research institutions like Drive AI, Starsky Robotics, CYNGN, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign focus on their core areas of development. Our platform is powered by a trained workforce of 300,000+ users and managed by our human intelligence experts who build your tasks and deliver results with assured quality. Support Annotation types: Bounding Boxes, Cuboids, Polygons, and Polylines, Point annotations, Segmentation(coming soon) for both image and video data types.
Recognitions: We are backed by Y Combinator, SAIF Partners & Google Launchpad


Startup that will bring human like AI to the market.


Scale is an API for human intelligence. With just a few lines of code, Scale allows developers to access humans on-demand. Our growing suite of APIs currently handles a wide array of use cases such as audio transcription, image recognition, categorization, and more. Scale currently works with Alphabet, P&G, Uber, Houzz, Intercom, and Gusto, to scale their human operations.


At PlusAI, we believe machines can be given intelligence to help better people’s daily lives. The availability of powerful processors, advanced sensor technology, computer vision, and deep learning will enable a new age of autonomous intelligent robots. Our first endeavor is to build a self driving car.


Traffic Technology Services, Inc. (TTS) is a technology company and information provider for connected vehicle applications. TTS includes a team of experienced professional traffic engineers, software programmers and engineers, and data scientists who know how traffic controller systems work and understand traffic operations. The core product, Personal Signal Assistant, utilizes existing public infrastructure to communicate to the traffic signals and predict the remaining and future switch times. Our cloud-based solution, industry standard product, and nationwide deployment allows for immediate V2I integration using available communications to the vehicle. Previously conducting business as Traffic Technology Solutions, LLC, and sharing offices with Heusch Boesefeldt America, TTS was incorporated in 2014. Traffic Technology Services Inc. is a Delaware corporation. TTS is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland metro area. TTS Europe, a wholly owned subsidiary, is headquartered in Munich, Germany. We predict traffic control.


Teraki’s software solution employs propietary techniques to reduce the amount of data generated by sensors by an average of 90%, but up to 99% without compromising its quality. This is core for current applications in the automotive market, including connected and autonomous cars applications. Teraki further on enables novel applications such as in the UBI, Fleet management and Telematics market which are too cost intensive. With Teraki’s software product, customers are able to increase the data they can transmit, while maintaing a low CPU footprint at the end devices. This advantage is core for enabling future applications even using present automotive hardware.


Helm.ai is an algorithm and AI centric company working on the fundamental perception problem for autonomous navigation. Our ultimate goal is achieving full autonomy – that is, safe algorithmic navigation completely independent from any human input – for self-driving cars, drones and consumer robots. We are productizing along the full spectrum of autonomy, using our state of the art computer vision and semi supervised deep learning technology.


NetSpeed Systems provides scalable, coherent, Network-on-Chip (NoC) IPs to System-on-chip (SoC) designers for a wide range of markets from mobile to high-performance computing and networking. NetSpeed’s NoC IPs deliver significant time-to-market advantages through system level approach, high level of user-driven automation and state-of-the-art algorithms. NetSpeed Systems was founded in 2011 and is led by seasoned executives from the semiconductor and networking industries. The company is funded by top-tier investors from the silicon valley.


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Primary Media Partner

Smart Mobility Hub is the knowledge-exchange platform for automotive professionals, innovative technical pioneers and decision-makers. Learn about the most innovative technologies and how OEMs, Tier-1s, tech start-ups and research institutes pave their way into our vehicles. 


Media Partner

Driverless.global  is a specialist online resource, focusing on Driverless / Autonomous Vehicles, related Technologies and all aspects of the ever changing world of Transportation. We have a wide, increasing range of categories. Add your own Company Listings, Industry Events, Related Articles, Products & Services, Jobs and Opportunities.


Since 2012, visionary companies in the auto industry have participated in the Autotech Council to discover innovation, build partnerships, exchange insight, and grow their professional networks. The result is earlier discovery of new innovation, better understanding of technology’s potential impact and timing, access to more entrepreneurs and investors, and in the big picture – getting better mobility solutions to market faster. Visit our website to review our member list and meeting calendar, apply to speak, or join our invitation list.  


The Mobile Technology Association of Michigan (MTAM) is a non-profit trade association for Michigan’s connected technologies industry, businesses that provide those technologies, and the businesses – in all industries – that use these technologies.  We are the first state-based connected tech industry trade association in the U.S., and we are focused on increasing demand for Michigan-based connected tech products and services within the state, nationally and globally, thereby generating increased entrepreneurial and enterprise-level opportunities and creating sustainable jobs in Michigan.
We are also the statewide producer of Mobile Monday Michigan – a connected tech industry networking and education organization which is a branch of the international Mobile Monday organization based in Finland. Here in Michigan we currently have 4 chapters (Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing and Grand Rapids) with over 3000 members statewide. 


Autelligence is a leading provider of business analysis and independent news on automotive component technologies. Founded in 2003 to distribute research developments in the automotive industry to automotive professionals, it has evolved into a distinctive independent voice on developments in the industry. It continues to draw on contributions from leading journalists in the automotive technology field. 

Vehicle Electronics is a free monthly magazine for hardware and software engineers working in the automotive sector. 

The Extension Media network delivers in-depth coverage of products, technologies and solutions across 25 high-technology communities focused on processor architectures, operating systems, bus structures/interfaces and vertical market applications including military/aerospace, medical electronics design, transportation systems, smart energy, low power, multimedia and wireless. 


Tractica is a market intelligence firm that focuses on human interaction with technology. The company’s market research and consulting services provide industry participants and stakeholders with in-depth analysis of emerging technology trends, business issues, market drivers, and end-user demand dynamics across multiple application domains including home, mobile, health, automotive, enterprise, and industrial markets. Tractica’s global market coverage combines qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to provide a comprehensive view of the emerging market opportunities surrounding Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, User Interface Technologies, Wearable Devices, and Digital Health. 

The IoT Global Network, is a new destination for the IoT community. The IoT Global Network is a platform where you can connect with industry experts and network across the IoT community to build the successful IoT business of the future. The IoT Global Network will increase transparency across the industry, providing a comprehensive guide while informing and raising awareness of issues and industry regulation. With regular news and blogs from experts plus up-to-date information about IoT events around the world, the IoT Global Network is a dedicated resource for every IoT professional. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is affecting every aspect of our daily lives, but none more than Transport. Car buyers see financial and environmental benefits in buying transport services, not vehicles. With vehicle connectivity and autonomy, this is changing the car, how we use it, and the business model for a global industry. Smart cities need integrated, green, and cost-efficient public transport services. Airports, ports and rail stations will benefit from greater connectivity, optimising the use of existing infrastructure, and rationalising investments. 

With exclusive analyst reports and specialist journalists, IoT Now is the leading global brand covering the Internet of Things, machine-to-machine communications (M2M), embedded devices and connected consumer devices. Delivering webcasts, bi-monthly magazines, white-papers, daily news and expert opinion pieces, IoT Now focuses on the deployment of these technologies across the enterprise, automotive, logistics, healthcare, utilities, travel, security and smart city verticals.